Lebanese Rugby League Federation

The Lebanese Rugby League Federation is an Full Member of the RLEF, of which its predecessor, the Lebanese Rugby League Committee, was a founding member in 2003. Based 20km north of the capital Beirut, the LRLF is a member of the Lebanese Ministry of Youth and Sport and as such has a seat on the Lebanese Olympic Committee under Lebanese law.

The Federation is managed by a Board of Directors, constitutionally mandated for four-years, which consists of representatives of the clubs and independent directors voted by the general assembly. The first LRLF Board was elected in December 2009 following the change in status of the founding LRLC to full federation and became Full Members of the RLEF, which they achieved in August 2011

The LRLF administers the game at all levels, with rugby league activity in every month of the year. The national championship is played from November-June; schools competitions are played from January-March; representative football is played throughout the summer. The LRLF runs national teams at U16 (Junior Cedars), U20 (Liban Espoir) and senior (the Cedars).

Operationally, there are three departments: Operations, Coaching and Match Officials. Geographically, Lebanese rugby league is split into regions, with two, North Lebanon (including Tripoli, Koura and Akkar) and Beirut, fully active.

They became RLIF full members in May 2012