Laws of the game

9 Feb 2017

Starting The Game

The team that wins the coin toss has the choice of which end of the pitch to defend. The losers then 'kick-off' from the half-way line. The ball must travel at least 10 metres and bounce in the field of play. If it doesn't do this the team kicking off will be penalised. Also when a team concedes a score it has to restart with same type of kick from the half-way line.

Play the Ball

Every time a player is tackled, all defenders, apart from a maximum of two markers, have to retreat 10 metres from the play-the-ball area. This will be marked by the referee (in other words the defending side retire back to the referee). The defending side may advance when the ball is rolled back by the foot. If they move forward early, or don't retire far enough back, it's a penalty.

Six Tackles

A tackle is completed when the ball or the ball-carrying arm of the player has touched the ground and a tackler is touching him. After six tackles the ball must be handed over.